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BCB (Barista Carl’s Blend) is a non-consumable formula designed for latte art and milk frothing practices at a fraction of the cost.

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See it to believe it

🚨🚨BCB🚨🚨 If you are looking forward to improve your latte art skills WITHOUT WASTING MILK, here is bcb. This product was invented by my friend, Carl Boudreau @baristacarl . It’s a unique product made to replicate milk. It’s super easy to use and the results are fantastic.
A single bottle (30ml) can easily replace 10L of milk. NO MORE WASTE 😱😱


I’m happy I don’t have to waste milk for my latte art practice anymore!
A single 30ml (1oz) bottle can replace up to 10L milk and make up to 50 coffees.


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